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Technology behind nano pure water purifiers

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Highlights of the Products:

Nano technology based membrane filter developed by CSIR, Ampri Govt. of India CSIR Scientist under ministry of science and technology, Govt. of India, we developed nano technology based water nanopure water purifier that operates Without Electricity, user friendly and maintenance free.

As per drinking water standard fixed by who and BIS, a healthy drinking water should contains 300-500 mg/l Total dissolved said (TDS) that include essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Even up to 1000 mg/l TDS containing drinking water can be consumed without susceptibility of any adverse effect to human health. Absence of essential minerals in drinking water reduces the immunity of body system and people suffer from different type of diseases including loosing of bone strength. At present day RO (reverse osmosis) water which posses 20-25 mg/l Total dissolved solid become popular because of it sweet taste. Now it has been proved that drinking RO water is hazardous to human health. Because RO water does not contains required essential minerals and also leaches minerals from the body.

After ten years of systematic research, a composite mixture of porous Nano adsorbent, Nano biocides, charcoal etc. synthesized and incorporated in to the conventional sediment removal cartridge through Nanocoating methodology from which water filter via passing through Nanopores (size 3-4 nm) of the Nano adsrbent (size 20nm). During filtration Nano adsorbent adsorb the toxic inorganic contaminates of water like arsenic, fluoride, chromium, led etc and Nano biocides kills the microorganism like viruses, bacteria etc while charcoal remove bad odor and make pleasant teast of water. Nano pure water retain all the essential minerals of water and maintain neutral pH range. Because of adsorption based filtration technology, no wastage of water occurs during filtration and filtration occurs through gravitation force, hence no electricity is required.

Specific features of the developed water Nano purifier device

Device is very simple and innovative that enables purification and disinfection of contaminated drinking water by retaining all essential minerals of water hence we call it Nano pure water .

Provide Nano pure water that free from harmful microorganism like viruses, becteria etc and toxic element of polluted water like arsenic, excessive, fluoride, chromium, led etc.

Nano pure water can be stored even up to six month in ideal storage condition without susceptibility of recontamination and bacterial growth. Filtration occurs through on gravitational force, hence no electricity is required in the operation and 5-7 lit/hour filtration rate as most suitable range of filtration. Device passed challenge test of highly harmful E. coli bacteria with very high disinfection efficiency of >8 Log reduction as it has ability to kill around one thousand millions E. coli bacteria. Device based on two and three stage filtration from micro to Nano level filtration that can even purify iron bearing reddish and highly turbid water. Two stages based filtration device is very much suitable for purification of municipal supplied water and ground water of TDS level up 1000 g/l. While three stage filtration device can treat highly contaminated arsenic (contamination level up to 250 mg/lit) and fluoride (contamination level up to 5 mg/l) contaminated water.

Salient Features of the Developed Water Nano Purifier

It purify detoxify bacteria, viruses, arsenic, lead, chromium etc of contaminated drinking water and produce Nano pure water. Nano pure water retain all the essential minerals of water. Nano pure water posses drinking water quality as per national and international standards prescribed by BIS, WHO.


The Present developed cartridge porous adsorbent (size 20-30 Nano meter, pore size 3-4 nano water, Nano biocides and activated carbon that filter water at Nano scale level. hence filtered water posses zero turbidity level.

During filtration, Nano-adsorbent of the cartridge that is having positive charge kill the microorganism like bacteria, viruses which posses negative charges through neutralization reaction. In case if any more bacteria or viruses left killed by Nano bicides. Hence treated water is completely free form harmful bacteria, versus etc.

Nandasorbent has a strong adsorption capacity to adsorb toxic element like fluoride, arsenic, chromium, lead etc without adsorbing dissolve solid of water. Hence the filtered water retains all the essential minerals of water and follows standard as prescribed by BIS and WHO.

The Nano biocides in the cartridge has capability to kill more than hundred millions bacteria like E coli which has passed challenge test as per IS standard (IS: 7402-2011& IS: 15185-2002) of E coli bacteria.

Because of adsorption based filtration technology, no wastage of water occurs during filtration.

Filtration occurs through gravitation force no electricity is required in filtration.

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