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About Us

Welcome To Nano Pure.

With 30+ Years of experience in marketing and manufactring industriers, Nano Pure International Health Care LLP joining hands with scientist of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) who has invented and developed nano pure german base membrane which filters water from bacteria, biosites, micro organism, virus and harmfull chemicals.

Due to its technology and motive to provide healthy and pure water, Mr. B. S. Verma the director of Nano Pure International Health Care LLP collabrates and manufacture water purifier which retains all the essential minreals of the water and remove virus and bacteria.

We at Nano Pure are determined to ensure that no water is wasted while using our water purifier. Technological advancements from Nano Pure are being recognized everywhere and we are proud to say that Nano Pure is the water purifier manufacturer company that gives best quality products to our customers

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